Refog is the most prominent concerns that give a large number of the software products that are used for the surveillance activities. This is the only eminent concern which gives numerous products that can be used for both the professional or work use and for the home for personal use. This article gives a short review over the products, which are available for the personal usage.


This is an application which is used to trace the mobile devices which are used on the operating system, such as the Android, Windows and Mac. This is highly capable to trace the location of the users of the mobile device; either it may be a tablet or a mobile phone. This is capable to trace the activities which are done by the users and it makes to control the phone by using certain features which are available in this software. This is completely eminent and efficacious, which is entirely different from the other applications.


This is one of the most fabulous applications, which is used to trace the personal computer system, to trace all the user’s activities in an enormous range. This is completely effective and can be used for the Windows and also for the Mac enabled applications. This is certainly enormous and makes to attain more benefits within a short period of time.


This is also a tracing application, which is used to trace the computer system and especially the internet based applications in a huge way. This can also be used with the Windows and the Mac, as they are especially designed for those platforms. This is more efficacious and is considered to be the best, when compared to the other tracing applications.

When making a visit to the web, it can give more details about them in a massive way.